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E-Assessment at HU

The focus of the HU's e-assessment is initially on summative examination scenarios, which are realised at the level of the faculties or institutes through very different examination and task formats.

In addition, advising on formative assessment will be strengthened to focus more on the learning process than on the final learning product (module final examination) and thus establish testing as part of the learning process.

(vgl. z.B. zum Testing Effect: McDaniel, M. A./Anderson, J. L./Derbish, M. H./Morrisette, N. (2007): Testing the Testing Effect in the Classroom. In: European Journal of Cognitive Psychology 19, 4-5, S. 494–513)


The central challenge, however, is first of all the adaptation or transformation of analogue examination formats into digital examination scenarios, which

  1. test what they are supposed to test (cf. quality criteria of tests),
  2. are equally accessible to all examinees (e.g. minimum technical requirements, linguistic clarity) and
  3. are designed to be user-friendly (e.g. input of mathematical symbols, transparent structures).