Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - E-Assessment

Right of choice for remote supervision examinations


The following information is important for comprehensive student instruction:

  • Type of examination: digital distance examination, oral / practical / multimedia distance supervision examination.
  • Examination date: Date, time, duration
  • Authentification: valid official photo ID and/ or personal knowledge
  • Necessary technology: own computer, camera, microphone, stable internet, if necessary software, e.g. examination system (
  • Supplementary notes on technology, e.g. no tablet, telephone for emergencies
  • Data protection: obligation to transmit images and sound, virtual background possible, no separate rooms for each examinee in the video conference, no third party allowed in the room, installation of the following software may be necessary: ...
  • Planned alternative to the remote supervision examination: form of examination, date of examination, if applicable, location
  • Last day to exercise the right of choice: ...


Note: The student must actively exercise the right to choose. Otherwise, the student will be automatically assigned to the distance supervision examination. The right to choose can no longer be exercised after the deadline. The legal provisions of the ZSP-HU on cheating (§ 111) and disadvantage compensation (§ 109) apply unchanged to remote supervision examinations.